Animal Biotechnology [BT-3401]
Dr Monica B Thakur

Animal Biotechnology [BT-3401]

The main objective of the course will be to understand the concepts of Animal
Biotechnology and its applications
Thus, the knowledge from this course can help in the following:

1: Understanding the concept of growing animal cells in vitro
2: Understand the importance of specifications in design of laboratory and working to
avoid contamination
3: Appreciate how transfection studies enable production of cloned products necessary
for medical and pharmaceutical applications
4: Appreciate experimental designs by scientists to develop techniques for production
of vaccines, monoclonal antibodies etc.
5: Appreciate how animal cell culture has been instrumental in basic research

Fundamentals of Biophysical techniques and Microbiology [BC-3503L]
Yogesh BaravaliaKinjal BhattShital Doshi

Fundamentals of Biophysical techniques and Microbiology [BC-3503L]

Colorimetric Estimations
1. Estimation of sugar by Folin-Wu method
2. Estimation of protein by Folin-Lowry method
Biophysical methods
3. Measurement of absorption spectra
4. Agarose gel electrophoresis
5. SDS-Poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis
6. Thin layer chromatography
7. Paper chromatography
8. Column chromatography
9. Off site visit to Industry
Basic techniques in Microbiology
10. Introduction to stains and staining procedures
11. Monochrome staining( Positive and negative)
12. Gram staining
13. Capsule staining
14. Metachromatic granules staining
15. Spore staining(optional)
16. Methylene blue reduction test
17. Antibiotic assay by agar cup method
18. Antibiotic assay by disc/ditch method
19. Identification of microorganisms and Fermentation tests for microorganisms
20. Study of growth characteristics of microorganisms*
21. Alcohol fermentation by yeast*

Biophysical Chemistry [BC-3502]
Dr . (Fr).  Suresh AntonyYogesh BaravaliaShital DoshiSebastian Vadakan

Biophysical Chemistry [BC-3502]

By the end of the paper, a student should be able to:
1: Understand the basic concepts of physics like adsorption, viscosity, surface tension,
absorption of light to be able to apply in understanding concepts in biochemistry
2: Correlate the use of a particular technique to understand a fundamental.
3: Appreciate that the discovery and advancement of biophysics has opened up understanding pathways and mode of actions of various biological systems.
4: Apply the techniques for production, analysis and modifications of biomolecules.
5: Design experiments with appropriate techniques in the methodologies and analyze the data

Concepts in Microbiology [BC-3501]
Kinjal BhattSrishti ChhabriaSudeshna Menon

Concepts in Microbiology [BC-3501]

By the end of session students will be able to learn different microbial agents as Microbial Control and also different methods of growth and preservation of microbes